5 million USD Fund Syndicates committed by CAIN Available for Potential Startups

On 18th January 2022, Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN) have successfully organized a networking event for angel investors and startups in Cambodia as well as officially launched their CAIN Program Cohort 02 in the presence of the board of directors and co-founder of CiC, the management team of CiC, partners, angel investors, and startups.

Members of Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN) commit fund syndicates, 5 million USD to invest in startups in Cambodia, managed by Cambodian Investors Capital Partners Plc (CiC Capital Partner).

This angel fund is open to all potential local startups in any sector. They can raise funds between 10,000 to 250,000 USD through an investment pitch. The CAIN pitches (investment pitches) happen all year round aligned with CAIN Program.

The startups that cannot access funds from banks or venture capital will enormously benefit from this fund. On top of funds received, they also gain advice, mentorship, and networks from angel investors that are experienced entrepreneurs or highly professional individuals.

“Fund Syndicates” refer to a group investment led by a leading investor. Angel investors refer to high-net-worth individuals who offer funding to startups or businesses, usually in exchange for shares in the company.

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The remark by Oknha Sok Piseth, Co-founder & CEO of GGEAR Group

The remark by Mr. Lem Chansamrach, Managing Director of CiC Plc

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