Cambodia's First Angel Investors Network

We formalize the angel network and provide an angel development program to angels in Cambodia.

Why does Cambodian Angel Investors Network exist?

Financing is a very critical issue for the survival and development of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups. Angel investors play a key role in financing SMEs, especially those that are innovative and with high growth potential. Many angel investors prefer early-stage enterprises because they are the only enterprises where angel investors can have an important and active role before they are opt out from the market.

What is Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN)?

Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN) Program is an angel-investor development program providing business angels participating in investor education program and investment gateway.  The program runs with the support from Cambodian Investors Community Association (CiC) covering 5-month intensive curriculum and various activities, including joint study trips, investment pitches, startup pitches, evaluation of business, and networking with experience local and international business angels. CAIN Program’s participants will experience real investment deals throughout the program and have chances to syndicate their investment with other angel networks as well as CiC.

Our Resource Speakers

CAIN Program is engaging with experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, local and international resource speakers to share hands-on experience and best practice to our participants.



AAA is a collaborative platform for angel groups and early stage ecosystem players operating within ASEAN member countries to corporate and work together on activities of mutual benefits. Nowadays, ASEAN Angel Alliance (AAA) consists of eight member countries including Cambodia (CiC), Singapore (BANSEA), Malaysia (MBAN), Indonesia (ANGIN), Philippines (MAIN), Thailand (BVC), Myanmar (MAN), and Vietnam (Hatch! Venture & VAN).

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